Dear Shorty

Dear Shorty, this is your inner-self talking, addressing you and others in our position,

You’re down about something, same old thing, trivial at first glance,

Takes one to know it first-hand, the lucky ones won’t understand,

Day after day waking and hoping you’d climbed a few rungs,

Plucked from the land of the vertically-challenged, from the jerks and their ceaseless trolling,

Sure, you’re in the mid-teens, still some years before those plates freeze,

Sadly, the genetics have the final say, but you’re counting on miracles anyway,

A genetic rebellion remains unlikely, gotta face facts, Buddy,

Ain’t no way will you play in the NBA, but keep that chin up, Son, everything will be ok.

Height, it’s a touchy subject, especially among dudes,

In matters of courting, a potential deal-breaker, it’s an unfortunate truth,

‘He’s a ten’, some are saying, ‘shame that he’s too short,’

God help you if you’re standing under six, can’t pass that trait over to her future kids,

Not much you can do about it, though, it’s beyond your control,

Pounds can melt, muscles gained, degrees earned and promotional ladders climbed,

But unless you come from a line of living skyscrapers you’ll remain a tiny little cabin,

Sorry to break it to ya, Mate, but neither of yours fit the description,

Ditto their folks and so on, a break in the pattern ain’t happening,

It sucks to be you, life is unfair, bet that’s what you’re thinking.

But while the frustration’s kinda understandable, you’re looking the fool by playing victim,

Can’t do nothing about it so why not instead aim to be more productive,

What you lack in height you can make up for in character and intelligence,

Carve your own glorious future, learn to win over others, watch that lack of height fade into irrelevance,

Peep at fellow manlets thriving like they’re big men on campus, got the girl, making bank, popular among peers, living like kings,

What were their excuses? Nothing, they rose above perceived limitations, defined their mission and their purpose then chipped away, moving mountains,

People are entitled to their preferences, you’re not made for everyone,

Doesn’t permit you to force or beg for their affections, people have a right to their standards,

Though there are the malicious and shallow, judging strictly on appearances and dimensions,

Won’t get anywhere with ‘em, they never deserved your time and energy anyway,

Kick them to the curb, make room for those that choose you,

The ones that’ll take you for all of you, those are your type of people.

The passing of time brings with it upgrades in technology,

Can now defy your genetics through science and manipulation,

Limb lengthening surgeries, once reserved for those imbalanced, becoming commonplace though no less pricey, will this cure your insecurities?

Guaranteed that bank account will suffer, procedure and airfares must be covered, more likely than not gotta head to another land, in the care of total strangers,

Prepare to have those legs broken, bits and pieces put in ya, designed to stretch those bones longer,

A lengthy recovery period awaits ya, any of that leave your stomach churning?

Sure you’ll be taller, but a price must be paid, long term effects could be debilitating, will you risk it just to be accepted by others?

Be your own authentic self, work on yourself daily,

Short king or victim, the choice is yours, clear as day which way is appealing,

Why get caught up in where you’re lacking, you still have much going for ya,

Go all-in with the cards you’re dealt, come out your shell and make friends, never know what or whom you’ll get,

Work at it daily and watch yourself evolve, grow in ways you never thought, your stature won’t matter anymore,

The world is still yours, King, but you gotta earn it if you want it,

Go fourth and conquer, one day you’ll be a giant among men.

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