You Played Yourself pt. 6: Fools In The Nude

Here we go, another tale regarding the perils of foolishness,

Another case of playing stupid games leading to stupid prizes,

That pandemic on high once more, running riot like the year before,

Idiot behaviour comin’ to the fore, dumbass panic buyers again out in force,

But ‘nuff’s been said about them, let’s shine a light on a couple of blokes,

Flipped the bird at the rules and treated warnings like a joke,

The sun been shinin’ as of late, the winter chill done hit the brakes,

Took advantage of it, get that tan goin’ to separate, differentiate themselves from those bundled-up and shaded a winter-pale,

Headed deep into bushland, away from prying eyes, stripped down in the buff to even out all sides,

Just when it appeared you’d get away scot-free, a deer interrupted your little party,

Peeping Tom sent y’all running, deeper into the forest with no GPS or compass,

Didn’t take long for your worst fears to manifest, hopelessly lost right in the middle of the forest,

In your infinite wisdom, done left your shit in the truck, still got your phones, though, your lone stroke of good luck,

Called triple-zero, ‘fessed up to your actions, receiver must’ve been trying hard to stifle laughter,

Thought the day would go down smooth, that y’all wouldn’t be caught in the nude,

A deer changed all that, then the coppers summoned to save your asses, too,

Now your hijinks made news headlines, a four-digit fine, each, was icing on the cake,

No doubt the punchline of many a bad joke, earned that shit the hard way,

Hang your heads in shame, foiled by your own acts of foolishness,

It wasn’t gonna end well, guys, you both done played yourselves.

Which Way?

Where do you go from here? You’re at the crossroads, where you once seemed assured now even less so,

Set you a goal, mapped out the mission, setting sail, locked onto what you’re set on achieving,

Jumped through hoops, crawled through tunnels, swerved past sudden cracks and crevices,

Suffered many a knockdown, bells rocked from end to end, speed bumps no match for a winning mindset,

Eyes forward onwards towards your planned happy ending, anticipatin’ the sweet taste of winnin’,

Full-steam ahead the journey been rollin’ ‘til one day you caught a snag that had you spinnin’ and shakin’,

Obstacles are inevitable, a smooth ride is but an illusion, in some cases insurmountable, worst fears became scarily possible, 

This one cut deep, self-doubt creepin’, to wave the white flag seems increasingly tempting,

But you can’t hide from the deep depths of the heart’s desires, surely there still exists a burning fire,

Came all this way just to throw it away, will you not be haunted by choices conceived in distressed haste?

What set you on this quest? Surely that same spark still swirling, burning, there’s still hope for you yet,

To propel you forward to achieve the dream that kept you steaming all evening that you had trouble sleeping,

Time to revisit and reminisce, summon that go-getter that’s surely still within, you knew comin’ in that there’d be hell, but won’t quit for anything,

Now you’re in the hole but you’ve climbed out before, have you the motivation to dig deep once more?

The world’s still your oyster, to quit now would be a waste of your time and talent, but only you alone knows what time it is,

But if the fire’s extinguished, permanently, if pep talk and soliloquies aren’t driving you to greater glories,

Then maybe it’s time to walk away, a fresh start and new beginning awaits, a chance to reinvent and find the calling with which you ain’t been acquainted with,

But think it through and sleep on it, don’t be making rash decisions in the heat of the moment, nothing hurts more than regret, jumping the gun, too, has consequences,

But above all else do it for yourself and your own fulfillment, living to please the masses carries with it burdens destructive and dangerous,

Fuck it if they call you a quitter or selling out, they ain’t knowin’ what done transpired so they have no clue what they’re on about,,

Your time’s still long, ain’t nothing wrong with switching paths over and over as you go along,

Keep growing and seeking, wish you all the best, whichever way you go may you achieve your goal.

May you cross the finish line satisfied, looking back with a smile, as the sun sets overhead painting the sky a faded red, whisper “yeah, I did it!”

Silent Reading

Silent reading, a time-honored ritual,

Kickin’ off the final phase of the long school day,

10 minutes leafing through pages while teacher cools off on her table,

Reviewing the final lesson before the bell tolls for class dismissal,

Oblivious to the ones planning and plotting, huddled at the corner,

Carrying on in muffled laughter, day after day putting teacher through the wringer,

Self-proclaimed entertainers, forever fishing for a reaction from the others,

Armed to the teeth like samurais with new ways to stress Teacher on the daily,

Even during reading time ain’t no end to their hijinks in sight,

Drawing and spit-balling got ‘em in hot water already, gotta delve deep within their well of creativity,

While their peers devoured stories they’re gravitating toward dictionaries,

Flouting convention to get a rise from their contemporaries,

Inevitably they are spotted, drawing laughter from those within their vicinity,

Done made a spectacle of themselves, teacher’s dragged into it abruptly,

“I thought I said SILENT reading for ten minutes?” thundered she, forcefully,

Emphasising the point so the little-uns get the point, clearly,

“What are you all laughing at anyway? What could possibly be funny?”

All fingers point to those clutching dictionaries, grinning insolently,

“We’re just trying to expand our vocabulary,” said they, Teacher wasn’t buying it,

“I see you’re all trying to be smart with me,” responded she, defiance begets punishment,

“Put those away on the double, or you’ll be in trouble,

Try me again you’ll be pickin’ up papers, a reward for your classroom capers,”

Message received, loud and clear, but don’t expect a shred of regret,

Smug satisfaction achieved, objective completed,

Yes, ma’am, they still got it.

Not Just A Cliché

Pressure’s on, the strain of daily life takes its toll,

Stress clampin’ like leeches, draining the life from out their hosts,

Temptation to cross to the dark side and all that it’s offering,

To live sinfully, temporarily, to escape the bitter sting of reality,

Substances the catalyst to an altered state serving as a reprieve,

Making slaves of participants quicker than they can believe,

Might be easier said on some days, but it don’t have to be this way,

Unlock the secret within, totally free, to keep the blues at bay,

Talking ‘bout the best medicine so the cliché goes,

That of good old-fashioned laughter, and in large doses,

Physical, mental and social, can do you a world of good,

Alleviate stress and anger, trigger endorphins to lift the mood,

Defusing conflicts before explosions, strengthens social ties,

Good for the ticker and burns the calories, don’t believe the hype? Why not give it a try?

Sit down and let rip, gotta go beyond mere shits and giggles,

Go all in, laughin’ out loud and heavy breathing, tears streaming, abs burning, a few Muttleys too for good measure,

You’ll feel like a million afterwards, the weight of the world’s evaporated,

Mind’s clearer, outlook brighter, like you’d drawn the blinds up from out the darkness,

Promote it from the depths of sometime activity, once a day could keep the doc away,

Might be harder for some, we’re all fighting our own wars, but get it done anyway,

If nothing else it’s free, it won’t cost you a cent,

Watch a comedy film, read a book, a vid on youtube, whatever you can get,

Maybe take that trip back down memory lane to moments where laughs were had by all,

Surely there are a few of ‘em, chapters that get you going as you recall,

By all means seek help if needed, some battles may require back-up,

Slay the beast within by any means necessary, but don’t underestimate the power of laughing yourself silly.

Pink Floyd Song

For those that were around, remember the uproar that Pink Floyd done caused?

‘We don’t need no education’ blarin’ from the airwaves, got old heads everywhere in a daze,

Got society in a panic before N.W.A ordered young’uns to Fuck The Police,

Nothing like a hard-hitting anthem to flip the bird off at authority,

Could use some of that energy now, the education system’s trying to go woke,

Spectacularly so, taking it to new lows, it’s beyond a sick joke,

Peep at the seriously fucked-up fools running that place at NYC,

Reading, writing, arithmetic appear to take a back seat,

Never too early for the birds and bees, apparently, a lame script and milkshakes weren’t needed for this shit,

These fools fixin’ to stunt youthful innocence? Try not to hurl when you read about this,

Six-year olds should know only one type of playing by their lonesome,

The type where they play games all alone, not what grown-ups do under orders from their hormones,

Don’t be teaching ‘em ‘bout Jackin’ off or Jillin’ off, beating the meat or finger-painting,

$55k in tuition led to this, pity their poor parents,

Off with their heads, those that gave this the seal of approval,

Takes a sick mind to believe this is applicable to six-year old pupils,

Let ‘em read picture books, teach ‘em new words to write and spell,

Sharpen their grammar, teach ‘em art and music, guide ‘em through basic math problems,

Save that nocturnal shit for the teens at least, y’all are way past that proverbial line,

Y’all should be locked up for trying to ruin young minds,

Parents, mind your kids, be their first port of call,

Education shouldn’t be confined within classroom walls,

‘Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone’ got the masses twisted back then,

Might be time to let it loose again, someone gotta save the children.