Silent Reading

Silent reading, a time-honored ritual,

Kickin’ off the final phase of the long school day,

10 minutes leafing through pages while teacher cools off on her table,

Reviewing the final lesson before the bell tolls for class dismissal,

Oblivious to the ones planning and plotting, huddled at the corner,

Carrying on in muffled laughter, day after day putting teacher through the wringer,

Self-proclaimed entertainers, forever fishing for a reaction from the others,

Armed to the teeth like samurais with new ways to stress Teacher on the daily,

Even during reading time ain’t no end to their hijinks in sight,

Drawing and spit-balling got ‘em in hot water already, gotta delve deep within their well of creativity,

While their peers devoured stories they’re gravitating toward dictionaries,

Flouting convention to get a rise from their contemporaries,

Inevitably they are spotted, drawing laughter from those within their vicinity,

Done made a spectacle of themselves, teacher’s dragged into it abruptly,

“I thought I said SILENT reading for ten minutes?” thundered she, forcefully,

Emphasising the point so the little-uns get the point, clearly,

“What are you all laughing at anyway? What could possibly be funny?”

All fingers point to those clutching dictionaries, grinning insolently,

“We’re just trying to expand our vocabulary,” said they, Teacher wasn’t buying it,

“I see you’re all trying to be smart with me,” responded she, defiance begets punishment,

“Put those away on the double, or you’ll be in trouble,

Try me again you’ll be pickin’ up papers, a reward for your classroom capers,”

Message received, loud and clear, but don’t expect a shred of regret,

Smug satisfaction achieved, objective completed,

Yes, ma’am, they still got it.

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