Which Way?

Where do you go from here? You’re at the crossroads, where you once seemed assured now even less so,

Set you a goal, mapped out the mission, setting sail, locked onto what you’re set on achieving,

Jumped through hoops, crawled through tunnels, swerved past sudden cracks and crevices,

Suffered many a knockdown, bells rocked from end to end, speed bumps no match for a winning mindset,

Eyes forward onwards towards your planned happy ending, anticipatin’ the sweet taste of winnin’,

Full-steam ahead the journey been rollin’ ‘til one day you caught a snag that had you spinnin’ and shakin’,

Obstacles are inevitable, a smooth ride is but an illusion, in some cases insurmountable, worst fears became scarily possible, 

This one cut deep, self-doubt creepin’, to wave the white flag seems increasingly tempting,

But you can’t hide from the deep depths of the heart’s desires, surely there still exists a burning fire,

Came all this way just to throw it away, will you not be haunted by choices conceived in distressed haste?

What set you on this quest? Surely that same spark still swirling, burning, there’s still hope for you yet,

To propel you forward to achieve the dream that kept you steaming all evening that you had trouble sleeping,

Time to revisit and reminisce, summon that go-getter that’s surely still within, you knew comin’ in that there’d be hell, but won’t quit for anything,

Now you’re in the hole but you’ve climbed out before, have you the motivation to dig deep once more?

The world’s still your oyster, to quit now would be a waste of your time and talent, but only you alone knows what time it is,

But if the fire’s extinguished, permanently, if pep talk and soliloquies aren’t driving you to greater glories,

Then maybe it’s time to walk away, a fresh start and new beginning awaits, a chance to reinvent and find the calling with which you ain’t been acquainted with,

But think it through and sleep on it, don’t be making rash decisions in the heat of the moment, nothing hurts more than regret, jumping the gun, too, has consequences,

But above all else do it for yourself and your own fulfillment, living to please the masses carries with it burdens destructive and dangerous,

Fuck it if they call you a quitter or selling out, they ain’t knowin’ what done transpired so they have no clue what they’re on about,,

Your time’s still long, ain’t nothing wrong with switching paths over and over as you go along,

Keep growing and seeking, wish you all the best, whichever way you go may you achieve your goal.

May you cross the finish line satisfied, looking back with a smile, as the sun sets overhead painting the sky a faded red, whisper “yeah, I did it!”

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