You Played Yourself pt. 6: Fools In The Nude

Here we go, another tale regarding the perils of foolishness,

Another case of playing stupid games leading to stupid prizes,

That pandemic on high once more, running riot like the year before,

Idiot behaviour comin’ to the fore, dumbass panic buyers again out in force,

But ‘nuff’s been said about them, let’s shine a light on a couple of blokes,

Flipped the bird at the rules and treated warnings like a joke,

The sun been shinin’ as of late, the winter chill done hit the brakes,

Took advantage of it, get that tan goin’ to separate, differentiate themselves from those bundled-up and shaded a winter-pale,

Headed deep into bushland, away from prying eyes, stripped down in the buff to even out all sides,

Just when it appeared you’d get away scot-free, a deer interrupted your little party,

Peeping Tom sent y’all running, deeper into the forest with no GPS or compass,

Didn’t take long for your worst fears to manifest, hopelessly lost right in the middle of the forest,

In your infinite wisdom, done left your shit in the truck, still got your phones, though, your lone stroke of good luck,

Called triple-zero, ‘fessed up to your actions, receiver must’ve been trying hard to stifle laughter,

Thought the day would go down smooth, that y’all wouldn’t be caught in the nude,

A deer changed all that, then the coppers summoned to save your asses, too,

Now your hijinks made news headlines, a four-digit fine, each, was icing on the cake,

No doubt the punchline of many a bad joke, earned that shit the hard way,

Hang your heads in shame, foiled by your own acts of foolishness,

It wasn’t gonna end well, guys, you both done played yourselves.

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