Hello world!

Hi, everyone and welcome to Musical Memories.

I’m just a normal guy that likes reading, writing, working out and, of course, listening to music.

I am also battling ulcerative colitis, which, at the time of this writing, I was diagnosed with three months ago. The main story line looks at that health battle, the highs, the lows, the lot.
Other posts are based (sometimes loosely) on my past experiences, as well as a few short stories and poems that I’ve come up with. Music usually has a way of drumming up memories and inspiring me to write. Totally gets the creative juices flowing.

Mind you, some of these posts might be the complete opposite of the tone and message of the particular song chosen and so I’ve included a brief intro at the top of each post as to how that song compelled me to write the blog post.

So sit back, relax and read on!


Note: Apologies for the coarse language in some posts but I wanted to keep these posts honest and straight-from-the-heart. Stories based on true events have had some names changed to keep people anonymous and events slightly altered based on how much I can recall.

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  1. Hey, you!

    Yeah, you! Do you have a dream?

    A goal or ambitions, whatever you wanna call it, does it keep you hungry and agitated?

    Does it stir fear from within or disbelieving laughter?

    Got you feeling like you’re staring down an army of Spartans?

    If the answer’s yes then you best go after it,

    The path may be arduous but guaranteed to be rewarding,

    Doubts may spring up, from the outside and in, naysayers may come out the woodwork while the mind be playin’ tricks,

    Even your nearest and dearest may be sceptical, may feel like a special kind of betrayal,

    Don’t take it personal, they’re just looking out for ya, but don’t capitulate, gotta do what’s best for ya,

    Sticks and stones may break bones but don’t underestimate words,

    Fuck what so-called tough folks say, well-structured put downs can also hurt,

    “You can’t do it,” “it’s impossible,” “it’ll never happen,” “you will fail,” imagine all of that thrown at your face,

    Can be disheartening but you must stay strong, grit your teeth and soldier on ‘til you prove ‘em all wrong,

    It’s your life, Pal, your vessel sailing through that ocean,

    Buck stops with you, Captain, dream thieves can’t steer you in the wrong direction,

    Slow and steady wins the race, fools are always rushing in,

    Chomping too much too soon can and will spark indigestion,

    Efficiency is key, start off with them baby steps,

    Break it down piece by piece so you don’t feel overwhelmed,

    Keep this in mind when you run into bumps and potholes,

    Might spring from out of nowhere and come at you in droves,

    Knock ‘em down bit by bit, never mind the hits,

    Stumble and crawl if necessary, you’re still ahead of the bored and lazy,

    Fuck the cuts and bruises and the stress and worry, it comes with the territory in your pursuit of glory,

    ‘Cuz in the end when it’s all said and done, when you’ve finally had it won,

    The blood, sweat and tears will be worth it, that winning feeling simply gratifying,

    Keep that in mind if ever you feel like quitting, it may happen from time to time,

    Remind yourself why you started, why you chose to take this fight,

    Don’t fear failure, you’re still ahead of those that never tried,

    Could happen along the way, dust yourself off after you have a good cry,

    Learn from your mistakes and keep trying, quitters are never rewarded,

    The end game is clear for those that heard the call but ignored it,

    It’s called regret, small word with gigantic repercussions,

    At the end of one’s life the impact will strike with a vengeance,

    Goals unfulfilled will hit harder than a Tyson uppercut,

    Everyone’s got ‘em on some level, but severity varies from person to person,

    Some might wish they’d taken life easier, that they’d chilled for two seconds,

    That they hadn’t taken relationships for granted, such a load to bear on one’s deathbed,

    Then there are those that missed their life’s purpose, out of failure or cowardice,

    The former is life’s cruelty at work, the latter the result of personal shortcomings,

    The pain must be unbearable, lamenting what could have been while awaiting death’s embrace,

    It must suck staring at one ‘what if’ after another right in the face,

    Don’t let that be you, Friend, you deserve a much better end,

    Be bold and be ruthless so you can rest in peace contented,

    It’ll be ups and downs but you gotta keep going,

    Leave your mark and fly high, leave ‘em something to remember you by,

    You never know just how far you’ll go, only one way to go about it,

    In the end you’ll thank yourself when you stand triumphant after mission’s accomplished.

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