Ya Played Yourself pt. 2: Over The Fence

This is it, time for a change of pace and scenery,

More than an hour was spent indoors glued in front of the TV,

Time to get the bodies poppin’, get the vitamin D fix in while the sun is still shinin’,

‘How ‘bout a game, y’all?’ Get the competitive juices flowin’,

Found a ball in the living room, a game of volleyball was unanimously voted,

Was tame at first but slid into anarchy quicker than one can scream ‘Brexit’,

Five participants, game played two-on-two and first to five goals,

The fifth served as the referee, waiting patiently til it was time to change roles,

You’re the oldest of the bunch, entered the arena with your so-called rep on the line,

“Can’t let ‘em beat me,” says you, “I’m the best and fairest this game is all mine,”

You went in hard and ready, eyes blazed like a predator,

Throwin’ your weight around, beating your chest like a silverback gorilla,

Point after point scored but it was all in good fun,

Intensity cranked to the max but ain’t no beef started between anyone,

All had their time in the sun but you were determined to snag MVP,

Gotta serve these young cats notice that alpha status ain’t for free,

Ball’s served by the opposition, time to blow this ball to Kingdom Come,

Swatted it hard, sent it over the fence in your quest to be the special one,

So much for mad flexin’, now the game’s suddenly halted,

Ball’s lost and you’re the clown that belted it, now it’s your job to go retrieve it,

Pulled Pops away from conversation with Unc like you wanna drag him to the Principal’s office,

Can’t go out in public unless a responsible adult’s around for supervisin’,

Ran towards that ball, it’s on the grass just past the pavement,

Bent over to pick it up while your cousins are shouting at you to return it,

Youthful exuberance overcame common sense, combined with ego it can lead to silly consequences,

Fuck throwing it back the right way, gotta hot dog it like a circus performer,

Tried to throw between the legs like Nick Kyrgios returning serve,

Missed the target, slotted it into the neighbor’s yard with no one home to return it,

Now you’re blushing, cursing your idiocy, your cousins rightfully berating you furiously,

Pops shaking his head wondering how his kid’s capable of such lunacy,

Standing there like a fool pantsed in the school ground in front of everyone,

The top dog is gone and in its place stands the king of the chumps,

It was fun while it lasted, because of you it’s prematurely ended,

Scurry back into your hole, fool, cuz  ya done played yourself.

Dignity Or Rage?

All things must pass, come to an end, everything’s temporary,

Common clichés that we hear on the daily, ease of acceptance also varies,

Youth and athleticism fade eventually, so can looks, money and status,

Change is constant and immune to resistance, some sit back and accept it while others fight hard to delay it,

Relationships are no different, not all remain rock solid,

Some friendships are permanent while others last only for a moment,

Not all couples make it to the altar while others learn that vows won’t always last forever,

Maybe the decision’s mutual, an expiry date’s slapped on some unions, it’s unfortunate but neither party’s left irreversibly wounded,

Then there are couples shattered cuz one half committed the ultimate betrayal,

It need not be a death sentence if the guilty repents and reinvents, both sides pick up the pieces and become whole again,

But more often than not it can’t be salvaged, call it dead on arrival,

It’s flat lines on the life support system, 9-1-1 ain’t resuscitatin’ nothin’,

The Scorned reacts in one of two ways, both on extreme ends of the scale,

Maintain the stoicism of a trooper or embrace the path of the hurt and enraged,

The former quietly turns the page, busy working on starting over to give in to the rage,

The latter trashes their ex at every opportunity, often through methods nothing short of cringy,

Warning the masses of that jerk’s true colors, metaphorically tarring and feathering ‘em,

Putting up signs around town and debasing their cars and prized possessions,

If all goes well that coward’s crimes will go viral online, sending them duckin’ and dodgin’ but with nowhere to hide,

No one loves a cheater, therefore the masses must sympathize with the former lover,

Revenge served cold and the audience will cheer and applaud you for it,

But going overboard will leave some disturbed by your actions,

Since when do responsible adults resort to childish tantrums?

We get that you’re mad but was airing your dirty laundry part of the game?

No one asked to hear the dirty details, have you any ounce of shame?

We get that they pushed you head-first, fully-clothed, into a pool of indignity,

You could have climbed out and stayed out, instead you done cannonballed back in there willingly,

You eschew a dignified response in favor of bitter, obsessive behavior,

Now you’re bleeding supporters, but rest easy, they ain’t siding with that cheater,

But some may wonder if your shortcomings drove ‘em into the arms of another,

And they’ll surely be concerned ‘bout your kids, this can’t do ‘em any good,

You’re setting ‘em up for ridicule from their peers ‘round the hood,

Gotta be tough coming to terms with parents living separate lives,

Yet you compound their trauma as you vent to them constantly like a bitter ex-husband or wife,

Juicy gossip spreads faster than wildfire, ‘cuz of you other kids’ll be pointing and whispering,

Wondering aloud why their Mom or Pops were hoein’, it’s a recipe for humiliation,

‘Twas you who done bleated out loud ‘bout how your other half thirsted then flirted,

Simped over then snogged another before fucking ‘em behind your back many times over,

Fuck any good that they’ve done previously to you and the children, strike that shit off the record,

They deserve to burn for eternity, tortured in the Ninth Circle by The Devil and his minions,

But it’s your fault alone if your actions render your kids misguided and damaged,

An environment of toxicity and anger will lead to severe consequences,

Bitterness towards both parents, trauma manifested in an inability to love another,

Passing on the curse of family dysfunction, compounded by severe anxiety and depression,

Infidelity hurts and wrecks lives, it’s the actions of selfish cowards lacking the balls to break-up,

Your anger’s understandable but force-feeding others your feelings is hella fucked-up,

Move on with your life quietly and with dignity, work hard and let your successes do the talking,

Make that fool regret their actions, you’ll come out a winner while proving yourself a true role model.