Seeing Red

He retreats to his sanctuary, behind the door not far from the kitch,

‘Keep Out’ plastered on it, hides a lair fit for a misfit,

Slumps on a bed littered with contents from the closet, paraphernalia to connect to a different dimension where he rules as a king and a conqueror,

Gaming the drug of choice, screens big or small the magic portal, fuck interacting with real-life, he prefers reel-life,

Away from a setting where he’s the proverbial punching bag, can’t quite live up to certain standards, hazed by the guys and invisible to the gals,

But as time passes screen time got him broke, got him tired of being alone, of being a walking joke,

Tired of the crushing mediocrity, he believes greatness is his destiny,

Can’t just look the part, gonna need a mentor to help him start,

And that’s how he found y’all, desperate times calling for desperate measures,

Tired of the incel life, searching for answers and a guide to a top G life.

Meanwhile, here you are, found another lost soul from afar,

Battling the competition for his attention, gotta keep the clout and dollars rollin’,

Time to sell him courses for a hefty price, convince him the investment’s worthwhile,

Promising to build him up physically, mentally and financially, until he’s a virtual clone of yours truly,

Some of what you preach are facts, that of accountability, responsibility and purpose,

Leaving the comfort zone, expanding horizons, overcoming hurdles,

Self-improvement is the key, no ifs or maybes, only then will one win friends, live the life and get the ladies,

The key word is growth, maybe y’all are onto something, a worthy mentor for would-be heroes,

But soon the red flags are popping, ‘Houston, we have a problem,’

Deeper within the curriculum lie subjects and philosophies quite disturbing,

How society hates the bros, all females are 304’s, there’s a double standard in the air, the brothers ain’t being treated fair,

Talking about females being hypergamous, switching goalposts left and right, monkey-branching day and night, how the masses always take their side,

How she’s praised for having standards while fellas are condemned for shallowness, she’s a boss while guys are creeps, see what we mean, Bro? Shit cuts deep,

A fairytale style ending is nonexistent, it’s in works of fiction for a reason,

Truth is, life and love are but games, better stay on top ‘lest you come out lame.

Dump that bitch if she ever gets out of line, a king never takes lip from his subjects or his women,

Otherwise she deserves a whupping, and fuck monogamy, go ahead and build you a harem,

Brother, you’re the catch, a cool cat with the stacks, babes will be flocking from far and wide, they can’t get enough of that,

Be cold when you’re with ‘em, to stay ahead gotta keep ‘em guessing,

Can’t be up in your feels, Young’un, otherwise you’re simpin’,

Fuck getting married, that shit’s outdated, either you’ll stray out of boredom or she cheats ‘cuz it’s in her nature, the courts won’t ever back you so why even pursue it?

You’re the don, the top dog, the head honcho, the alpha,

Beholden to no-one, playing the game as you please, kick ‘em to the street if they can’t handle the heat,

Same goes for friends, no space for losers, they gotta be straight tens,

You’re only as good as the company you keep, something to think about before you sleep,

Chase the bag and build your kingdom, nothing screams triumph than rollin’ in millions,

Fuck the haters stuck in their lowly existence, they can only dream of the life that you’ll be living.

So that’s what you’re selling ‘em? That a high-value man’s about materialism?

Hedonism, hook-ups, cash and flexing? No room for honor, morals and compassion?

Feminism destroyed the ladies, according to y’all, turned them into entitled mouthy bitches, validated the very worst of their behavior, repelling guys more than ever,

Yet you call for gents to be greedy and manipulative, cold and indifferent, to view women as objects and a means for pleasure, does this type of hypocrisy help your fellow brothers?

Makes us wonder if y’all have had your hearts broken? Burned so bad someone had to call the fire department?

Were you all bullied as children? Even after the glow up still ain’t over it? Get you a therapist, Fool, and grow up while you’re at it,

The smart ones see right through it, y’all ain’t Top G’s, you’re just insecure little children,

Big promises at the expense of character while you swindle ‘em just to line your pockets,

Should’ve listened to Tyler, toxic though he was, you’re flaunting and flexing for others that won’t shed tears if you passed within 24 hours,

Such a way of life can’t be sustained, sooner or later the train gotta derail, the money dries up, the honeys get fed up, age takes its toll, you, too, could hit that wall, soon you’re left with fuck-all.

But hey, we know that y’all gotta earn a living, controversy in any form gets the masses talking,

It’s a highly-connected world we’re living in, gotta cast that net wide to the reel bigger fishes in,

Headlines guaranteed to trigger, content at once inflammatory and relatable, gotta play to their emotions, hate-watching, guilt-tripping and repeat-viewing the main objectives,

In a world trodden by the increasingly broken it ain’t hard to find targets, reel ‘em in hook-line-and-sinker, then go to work on their feelings,

Let ‘em know you hear ‘em in ways sycophantic and manipulative, validate the worst aspects of their behavior, reassure ‘em that the blame lies with the world around ‘em,

Never mind that this makes y’all enablers than mentors, feeding ‘em comforting lies over brutal truths,

Before you know it they’re addicted, consuming other similar content, got you rolling in the millions, so what if they end up damn near villainous?

But if you were for real you’d keep it one hundred, tell them cold hard facts,

That what might have happened to ‘em the fault may not lie with them, but how to deal with it is still on ‘em,

That they should leave their comfort zones, search long and hard for their calling, to your credit you’re also preaching it, a rare rose among thorn bushes,

That bank accounts and body counts aren’t true measure of success, if anything kinda overrated,

That they with a purpose and a plan go the furthest, risking failure, daily, but still they’re defying it,

To all you lonely boys out there, those are the keys to the kingdom,

Tired of being weak? Get off your ass and get your blood and muscles pumping,

Speak with confidence, stand on your principles, read more books and expand your knowledge,

Stay humble and be generous, a sociopath that hurts others is surely hated,

And for God’s sake stop stressing ‘bout the others, mow your own damn grass,

Everyone got their own lawns to tend to, believe it or not they could care less about you,

Fuck what you see on The Gram, most of it is fabricated, ran mostly narcissists,

Make shit happen if you feel inadequate, do it for you and not faceless strangers,

As for the gals, if she ain’t checking for you then she ain’t for you,

Everyone’s entitled to their preferences and that includes you,

Save yourself for someone that you vibe with, whose heart jumps at the thought of you,

Keep plugging along, one day you’ll find her, it’s happened for others, it can happen for you,

What’s worth it won’t come easy, but what don’t kill you makes you stronger,

Life’s a journey, Friend, you, too, can be a winner,

Get off the screen, out your cocoon and join the party, it’s free invitations for everybody,

Ain’t nothing happening if you stay in place, a lonely miserable life is what awaits,

Grab that proverbial bull and get going, don’t need to ask strangers online for their permission,

Least of all bitter, hate-filled, egotists high off of their supply to the sound of the collective’s laughter.

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