Scene is set, somehow back in the motherland, hardly alone, though, with me are the fam,

Unsure of the occasion, somehow, a house party is in order,

Might have been Unc’s, never did meet the owner,

Good time had by all, bonded with a select few at the ball,

Came from humble beginnings, the type that first-world dwellers couldn’t comprehend, a brand of desperation that would send the mind spinnin’,

So ends the first act, a brief intermission is in order before the next one, let’s see how it unfolds.

After a brief haze the picture clears, no static, just cut to the next scene,

The setting remains the same but there lies a soon-to-be-shocking change,

Still there with the fam, a few extended making an appearance,

But those street cats that I done chopped it with, some are missing in action,

Went out for a breather, from the corner spotted him a few yards,

Wondered why he ain’t inside, fuck it, went to see if he’d like to trade barbs,

Suddenly, from out his pocket, dude pulled out his piece,

Cocked and ready to roll, pointed it straight at me,

‘Gimme your money,’ said he, looked like a scene from a hood film,

Slowly reached for the wallet, slowly drew it out, hoping he’d soften his stance, alas he remained on guard,

Hurled it at his mug as a distraction tactic, before trying to kick that heater from his grip,

Didn’t go too far, the trigger finger proved too quick,

One shot was all it took, straight to the kisser,

A final vision of blue sky, quickly snapped into noir.

Woke up in bed, wide-eyed panting like a thirsty canine,

‘twas but a dream, shaken and stirred at what had transpired,

Found my legs eventually, slowly stood tall, feeling the earth move like Martika, not good at all,

Melted over to the sink, cold water ought to do the trick,

Staring blankly the mirror, suddenly feeling weaker,

Blood draining, eyes rolling, stiffened then hit the floor, the old boy knew no more, just like in that dream from the night before.

Woke up once more, this time in the present, had to pinch myself first, a new day has started,

A nightmare within another, definitely a first, questions and interpretations swirling, the mind fit to burst,

Struggling to comprehend the meaning, unsure if I want to proceed,

Hoping this ain’t some premonition of a grisly fate that awaits me,

Or perhaps the a product of watching one too many action and gangsta flicks,

Guess I got lost in ‘em, like it was part of someone else’s script,

So far, ain’t nothing happened to trigger a fight or flight,

Guess I’ll march on and see what happens, gotta keep that defense tight.

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