Written In The Stars

Boy meets girl, sparks are flying,

Got to know one another, then eventually coupling,

Declarations of love they’re soon exchanging, from here should be smooth sailing,

Life had other plans, the road to happily ever fraught with obstacles,

Least of all the doubters, thought blood was thicker than water,

How does love become so threatening? It ain’t anybody’s business,

Circumstances also played a part, oftentimes keeping ‘em separated,

For months or years at a time, for many would have been a deal-breaker,

Can only maintain long-distance for so long, one half may give in to temptation,

A true test of commitment, would they be up for it?

Love, it’s the key ingredient, the ties that bind,

So long as it’s strong ain’t nothing can go wrong,

And that’s what they’re leaning on to weather these storms,

Still keeping the fire burning, making time for one another,

Doubters close to home trying, cajoling, even threatening, somehow feel they know better, his shoes they’re forcibly wearing,

While she’s soldiering on and supporting, putting them on a hiding to nothing,

And when paths diverge, day after day they show up for one another, technology done made the world smaller, can get some face time despite living in opposite corners,

The story of the past five years, that loved-up façade hiding snags, frustrations and tears,

But the foundation remains unaffected, you could say that these two are built different.

Soon it’s time to make it official, boy asks for his best girl’s hand in marriage,

No more living in separate quarters, a shared space now for happy spouses,

Time and space can’t separate ‘em, to hell with detractors, can’t achieve goals without healthy doses of defiance, makes the victory that much sweeter,

All but made believers out of doubters, no more opposing time zones, gonna take on the world together from now and forevermore,

Passed all the tests, now here’s the reward,

Time to take on the world together, maybe have y’all some little rascals,

Here’s your reward for sticking it out in the face of adversity,

It was written in the stars, a happy ending was always your destiny.

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