Why Not Now?

They say happiness is an inside job, a state of mind and a daily choice to make,

So it makes sense, those claims that it’s folly to tie it to that which one has little to no say,

Easy to pin it onto others, places, things and accomplishments that add colour to one’s days,

But upon closer inspection seems like a dangerous game to play,

No matter where you’re at, whether flying high or struggling below, born into privilege or languishing in the struggle,

There’s much to be grateful for, happiness has a trigger, peep at your surroundings, delve into the attic,

If necessary take the initiative and go on searching, provided you’re prepared for serious grinding, good luck with the pursuit, hope you gets yours too.

“I’ll be happy if I get this or that, him or her”, the phrase been thrown around,

Likely had escaped your lips, nothing to hang your head about,

Delaying gratitude in ways misguided, going all in on what’s beyond control,

Odds of victory at fifty-fifty, most of life’s offerings temporary, why rely on uncertainties?

Why give your power onto others? You certain they won’t fumble that bag? They can prattle sweet nothings ‘til the sun is setting, they may jump ship and leave you wondering,

The one you run with, exchange rings with becomes the one you fight and disagree with, ride endless rollercoasters with, the one you go to the end with or part ways with, care to put all your eggs in that basket?

Maybe a certain status or place is the way to go, on paper looks a sure winner, but that’s provided you’re ready and willing to jump over inevitable hurdles,

Climb the ladder if you must, whether at play or at work, expand your horizons, go explore the world,

Happiness achieved, surely, but its staying power debatable,

Ever hear the saying ‘more money, more problems’? Fake friends, taxes, responsibilities and enemies? And suppose you came home full circle or found you a new setting, what happens when the honeymoon fades to oblivion?

Back to old familiar feelings of normalcy, what’s new becomes routine, hope you’d planned for the next one after your promised land becomes another beaten path,

Simply put the search is never-ending, a perpetual wild goose-chase straight to the grave, wear it as a badge of honor if you like, conditional happiness seems a waste of life,

And here’s a hard fact for ya, Playa, goals and dreams won’t always materialise,

What have you to fall back on if what you worked toward ain’t realised?

Forget about if and when, take a hard look at your now,

Surely you’ll mine from the rubble precious jewels worth grinning about,

Choice was always yours, might be difficult to wrap your head around but sit down for a minute, ask yourself the following now;

Got friends and fam that’ll ride and die for ya? A roof over your head and food on the table?

Ways and means to make a living, overcame battles that would have broken many others?

Can still laugh over the silly and absurd and get emotional over songs? Got access to clean air while your heart smiles at the sight of children, cats and dogs?

Got something to look forward to? Both short and long term?

If the answer’s ‘yes’ to a few then happiness becomes you, why keep yourself waiting?

If you’re lacking then by all means, leave that comfort zone and go on searching, whether or not you emerge victorious it won’t mean shit if you can’t appreciate the process,

No one said it would be easy, no walk in the park if it’s worthy,

Baptisms under fire are what breeds growth and development, can’t claim the prize without it,

But do take heart if it don’t work out, you still would’ve proven your mettle, you’re better now than when you started,

For those reading this, wondering ‘bout those from beginnings wretched, not blessed like the rest, due to circumstances that sent them to hell,

Two ways to go about it, rise up from the ashes or self-destruct, happiness a byproduct of the former while no explanation necessary for the other,

Choice is yours but if the latter prepare to work for it, don’t expect handouts or fair play because you drew the short straw from the first day,

A closed mouth won’t get fed and layabouts go nowhere, do away with entitlement, you don’t deserve what you don’t earn.

And if you, Dear Reader, are reading this right now, better crack one ear-to-ear now,

Woke to see another day, a clean slate on which to stamp your name, another step to take on your road to something great,

Count your blessings daily, happiness will follow, guaranteed,

Remember to savour the journey before you attain that which you seek,

Find the joy in your life, back yourself and to hell with the rest, you’re permitted to be your best self, the right ones will be with you to the end,

It ain’t no race, Kid, it was always a marathon, take your time then gun it ‘til the wheels fall off, the grand plan was staring at you all along.