She ain’t your rival, Bro

There you go again, daydreaming, same old subjects that the mind’s regurgitating,

Comparing notes, mental inventories of various conquests, fame and former glories,

Not sure if you made the grade, the competition’s rather stiff,

Eyes may roll and heads may shake when they learn with whom you’re competing with,

No this ain’t no classroom shit, this is proper grown-up shit, somehow your missus is your secret competition,

Yeah that’s right, kinda strange ain’t it? First let’s take a history lesson,

Seemed innocuous, that chance encounter, love found between polar opposites,

She was gifted, photogenic, talented, that combination payin’ dividends,

Him from shakier foundations but defied the cynics, haters and the party poopers,

Chance encounter on the subway after hours, protected her from pesky would-be predators,

Got to talking, kept her company ‘til her ride arrived to come collect her,

Exchanged numbers, ain’t missed a chance to steal those precious conversations,

Year and a half together ‘fore he sucked it up and asked her for her hand in marriage,

Lived happily ever after, that one can’t be disputed,

But behind the laughs and tender moments a flame threatens to blow a gasket,

Her earning power, life achievements, public image, they be dwarfin’ all of his,

Got him paranoid that they be judging why she’s the one supporting him,

No he ain’t no hype man, slacker or hangers-on, certainly not some trophy husband,

Dude more than earns his keep, time ain’t dimmed that heart, ethos and the work ethic,

But he can’t outshine her nor outwork her, got him running on that hamster wheel,

Legs churning, hiding to nothing, in his mind he’s still inadequate,

But it don’t have to be that way, step off and count your blessings, bro,

She chose you from a line of suitors, surely you are someone special,

Why focus on perceived deficiencies than what you’re bringin’ to the table?

She’d have dropped your ass if you were useless and certainly if you’re unstable,

Part ways with this toxicity, ain’t nothing noble with going on like this,

Dudes be turning good gals off when they stay petty, childish, immature and jealous,

She’s your wife and not your rival, treating her as such will lead to your unraveling,

In the mirror lies your competition, it’s clichéd but the truth lies there among the drivel,

Fuck what others say ‘cuz if you play it right she’ll always choose to be with you,

That’s the long and short of it and it’s really all that matters, too.

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  1. Nicely said. Real men compare with other successful more handsome more fit men not with their wife.

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