Different Approach

“I don’t know”, three simple words, can get one out of a jam but expose ‘em to derision or worse,

Knowledge is power, the seasoned and competent bear the gold, but sooner or later even top dogs gotta grow and evolve,

Life is a journey, offering something new every day, live as you please but do make it count, don’t let this gift go to waste,

Challenges arise across a wide range of sources, from situations and obstacles, new info and viewpoints, perhaps new individuals,

Can only lean for so long on what you’ve mastered, the next chapter dragging you back to the rank of beginner,

To fulfil that potential calls for repeated fresh starts, sucking at something new is always the hardest part,

Can’t be fed if that mouth’s closed, speak up though you seem uninformed, don’t fake what you don’t know, never ends well for liars once exposed,

There’s someone willing to lend a hand, share what they’d gleaned through trial and error, new perspectives be unlockin’ brand new adventures,

But for every Yin there’s a Yang, where some are thoughtful others are spiteful,

Choosing to scoff and disparage rather than understand and encourage,

Responsible for many a tortured soul drowning in a wave of humiliation and reluctance,

Drawing ‘em into their shell, life passin’ ‘em before they know it, self-loathing kicking in, their confidence irreparably shattered,

A message to such types, y’all need to quit it, why mock ‘em rather than teach ‘em? Why join the ranks among society’s vermin?

Could have been a helper but choosing to be a villain, way to be another reason why the world’s fucked and headed towards oblivion,

Why be the cause of another’s insecurities and pain? What’s there for y’all to gain? A moment of smug satisfaction, perhaps? Once enjoyed there’ll be no last laugh,

Enjoy being frozen out by the masses once they learn the extent of your crassness, no one likes a bully, picking on neophytes won’t win you popularity contests,

Y’all were beginners too, the least informed in the room, tentative, reluctant and confused, looked like lost little fools,

Y’all are just as flawed as the others, your delusions of superiority are numbered, only a matter of time before you get your come-uppance,

To all the rookies out there, still green and yet to find their wings, hurdles are inevitable when moving onto bigger and better things,

Face ‘em, don’t duck ‘em, seek guidance when needed, no shame in recruiting extra hands while building your kingdom,

Got new worlds to conquer, feathers to add to that cap, engage with it, persist with it, before you know it it’s a wrap,

Then it’s onto the next, the cycle repeats, begin again, never stop growing,

That, my friend, is the art of living.

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