Not Just A Cliché

Pressure’s on, the strain of daily life takes its toll,

Stress clampin’ like leeches, draining the life from out their hosts,

Temptation to cross to the dark side and all that it’s offering,

To live sinfully, temporarily, to escape the bitter sting of reality,

Substances the catalyst to an altered state serving as a reprieve,

Making slaves of participants quicker than they can believe,

Might be easier said on some days, but it don’t have to be this way,

Unlock the secret within, totally free, to keep the blues at bay,

Talking ‘bout the best medicine so the cliché goes,

That of good old-fashioned laughter, and in large doses,

Physical, mental and social, can do you a world of good,

Alleviate stress and anger, trigger endorphins to lift the mood,

Defusing conflicts before explosions, strengthens social ties,

Good for the ticker and burns the calories, don’t believe the hype? Why not give it a try?

Sit down and let rip, gotta go beyond mere shits and giggles,

Go all in, laughin’ out loud and heavy breathing, tears streaming, abs burning, a few Muttleys too for good measure,

You’ll feel like a million afterwards, the weight of the world’s evaporated,

Mind’s clearer, outlook brighter, like you’d drawn the blinds up from out the darkness,

Promote it from the depths of sometime activity, once a day could keep the doc away,

Might be harder for some, we’re all fighting our own wars, but get it done anyway,

If nothing else it’s free, it won’t cost you a cent,

Watch a comedy film, read a book, a vid on youtube, whatever you can get,

Maybe take that trip back down memory lane to moments where laughs were had by all,

Surely there are a few of ‘em, chapters that get you going as you recall,

By all means seek help if needed, some battles may require back-up,

Slay the beast within by any means necessary, but don’t underestimate the power of laughing yourself silly.

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