Pink Floyd Song

For those that were around, remember the uproar that Pink Floyd done caused?

‘We don’t need no education’ blarin’ from the airwaves, got old heads everywhere in a daze,

Got society in a panic before N.W.A ordered young’uns to Fuck The Police,

Nothing like a hard-hitting anthem to flip the bird off at authority,

Could use some of that energy now, the education system’s trying to go woke,

Spectacularly so, taking it to new lows, it’s beyond a sick joke,

Peep at the seriously fucked-up fools running that place at NYC,

Reading, writing, arithmetic appear to take a back seat,

Never too early for the birds and bees, apparently, a lame script and milkshakes weren’t needed for this shit,

These fools fixin’ to stunt youthful innocence? Try not to hurl when you read about this,

Six-year olds should know only one type of playing by their lonesome,

The type where they play games all alone, not what grown-ups do under orders from their hormones,

Don’t be teaching ‘em ‘bout Jackin’ off or Jillin’ off, beating the meat or finger-painting,

$55k in tuition led to this, pity their poor parents,

Off with their heads, those that gave this the seal of approval,

Takes a sick mind to believe this is applicable to six-year old pupils,

Let ‘em read picture books, teach ‘em new words to write and spell,

Sharpen their grammar, teach ‘em art and music, guide ‘em through basic math problems,

Save that nocturnal shit for the teens at least, y’all are way past that proverbial line,

Y’all should be locked up for trying to ruin young minds,

Parents, mind your kids, be their first port of call,

Education shouldn’t be confined within classroom walls,

‘Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone’ got the masses twisted back then,

Might be time to let it loose again, someone gotta save the children.

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