Had A Nice Trip

Lunchtime bell chimes, highlight of the day besides afternoon dismissal,

Over the terrain, monsoon-like conditions are finally tapering,

Teacher dismissed the class, handed out homework in the process,

Adding another cog to that never-ending carousel of assessment tasks and tests,

Our man packed his things then headed out the door, off to meet his chums for lunch, pick up on what they’d been chopping ‘bout before,

Stepped out onto the concrete, segued over to the grass to make way for on-comers, namely jocks, big enough to put him on his ass,

Bad move, Champ, wet soil and worn shoes are a deadly combination,

Our guy slipped into a seated position, from there kicking off epic humiliation,

That ass smeared with brown, stained much of his trousers,

All around him an orchestra of laughter, even from those checking on his welfare,

His stoicism intact he stands, his brown behind only adding fuel to the fire, the masses got something to laugh about over the next half-hour,

Luckily for him, he lived not too far away, simply ambled to the parking lot, fired up his ride, made the short drive to where he resides,

Changed pants before heading back, still with some time to spare,

Practically inhaled his food before the sound of the afternoon bell,

Back to class he went with the rest of his peers, time to smash the last two periods,

Had him a nice trip, certainly, but one that he’ll want to forget about in a hurry.

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