It’s been and done, ingrained into the minds of society now,

Seen it happen time and time again, the consequences common knowledge now,

Yet some blinded by ignorance, or perhaps bravado or indifference, to whom are we referring? Those hitting the bottle then they’re gunning it,

Countless stories year after year, boozers buzzing behind the wheel,

Spiritualised in ways not religious, rather, the type several bottles deep,

The outcome well known, twisted metal, mangled bodies, throw in a fire then explosion,

Culprit and victim splitting costs, ending up additional statistics,

The weight of guilt and trauma unbearable, ordered to do time for your errors provided you ain’t dead or invalid,

That’s a whole ‘nother prison, especially if your actions done killed another,

Why play Russian roulette when the odds are never in your favour?

No honor or glory gained for it, such acts only for fools and idiots, do the right thing and call you a cab, better yet bring you a sober pal,

Getting home intact rooted in luck than actual fact, more than likely you’ll end up in a crash,

If your ride ain’t halted first, prepare those excuses once the cops come for your license.

Here comes another, driving ‘round with precious cargo onboard,

Pulled up to the side of the road, little one snoozing up a storm,

Locked the door then walked into the store, fiending for ciggies and nothing more,

Sweltering outdoors but took the keys with ya, ain’t nobody stealing that ride and child from ya,

But as is always the case got side-tracked, rare are they that go in with no sudden additional plans,

Got the smokes and more to go with it, more than thirty minutes had elapsed,

Back to your ride you go, something doesn’t seem right,

Sensing no rhythm or movement from your little tyke,

Called the cops and medics, now your misjudgement belongs to the public, a crowd gathers, frantic scenes recorded on phones, made the rounds before the media got a hold,

Now you’re front-page news, the scourge of the masses, you left him to bake to death while you indulged your unhealthy habit,

Should have learned from those that walked before you, but instead you tried their shoes,

Good luck sleeping well at night, his face will haunt your dreams, your poor unfortunate child.

Kids enslaved by screens, apps a portal to another world,

Free to create their own imagined experiences, keep up with appearances, whether the genuine article or edited and filtered,

Oversharing an inevitable side-effect, winning friends and influencing but not quite how Carnegie scripted it,

Outdoing one another in ways mind-boggling and in some cases frightening to please faceless crowds not even worth mentioning,

‘Monkey see, monkey do’ seems to be the order of the day, peep at the risky games they play, common sense locked in the drawer then the keys thrown away,

Poking the Grim Reaper, trolling others, acting the fool just to please strangers,

Shenanigans involving gnarly substances, stunting with no safety equipment, striking a pose on spots precarious, whatever lights up their IG and twitter pages,

Dancing and acting the fool on that medium loved and loathed in equal measures, named after the sound made by clocks,

Sussed as a potential spying tool for the CCP but for the rest just another vehicle for ‘look at me!’

Dicing with death for the sake of chasing clout and thrills, no sane mind has time for this shit,

Some paying for it with their lives, talk about dumb ways to die,

That epitaph bound to be laughable, ‘here lies so-and-so, perished in ways unnecessary and avoidable,

How’s that for a legacy? A life of promise reduced to head shakes and mockery.

No doubt some of y’all be triggered, let’s throw you a bone,

Y’all be sharing the triumphs and struggles, no need to go through it all alone,

Built your own communities, albeit one detached from reality,

Can’t say such a life is healthy, it could cost you your sanity eventually,

Can’t paint all users with the same brush as all the fools and braggarts highlighted above,

There are those that promote goodness and encouragement, creativity and self-love,

Just a shame that loud mouths are drowning ‘em, it’s always the deplorable and ignorant,

No different than the real world where the smart are quiet while the stupid are confident,

By all means, live as you please, but do remember to touch grass now and then, get you some sunshine and fresh air, feel the wind in your hair,

Go for a walk, run or hike like a functioning human being,

Perhaps find a purpose and a calling, away from the world beyond that magnetic screen.

Comes down to choices, always has and always will,

Even when the fallout is no happy ending, only you have the final say on your destiny,

Can’t force others to go against their will, let ‘em find out the hard way,

No better teacher than experience, they’re asking for it, let ‘em pay,

Still, should’ve known better, been proven time and time again that certain acts have the possibility of a point of no return but still they can’t or won’t ever learn,

They say to take risks and push the envelope but never forget the limits,

What you get away with today might one day lead to your destruction.

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