The Final Level pt. 1

They say all good things come to an end, cliché been used to death,

Surely at the forefront in the minds of young’uns when that time rolls ‘round again,

Thirteen years you climbed up the rungs of the system, saw off every challenger, no rematches needed,

Thirteen years led to the final level, where the big boss lurks in the distance, answers to three little letters, we’ll get to ‘em later,

For now a brief recap of the past six weeks, that cherished intermission over summer,

Last remnants of adolescence and of a carefree existence,

Drove interstate to visit extended fam, behind the wheel still under supervision,

Red P’s in the horizon but taking it step by step no need to be rushing,

For the first and final time, the summer break came with some homework,

Mounting responsibilities, the kid gloves are off,

No more coasting on easy mode, gonna have to start giving more and more fucks,

Welcome back to class, Cowboy, the final level underway, demanding nothing less than your absolute best, better bring your A-game.

Ain’t much changed since ‘02, perhaps a new student or two, another switched schools,

Same teachers for each subject, the levelling up might as well had never happened,

One unwelcome change, though, those assignments made a quantum leap in difficulty,

Also in quantity, soon enough juggling five different ones simultaneously,

No rest for the weary, shit is true in more ways than one, free days are numbered, better ration ‘em like diamonds,

And even then you ought to be studying, tests and exams at every turn,

Teachers sure to guilt you on the regular, having a life beyond revision means you’re slacking,

Matters of scholastics and grades are important to be certain but there’s also social standing,

Two ways to make one’s self known among the populace, the good and the bad,

To align with all the big players or be the proverbial punching bag,

Never was interested in the former so you slowly became the latter, refused to conform and blend in so now they’re endlessly trolling,

Hazed and dunked on but whatever, you won’t be stuck with ‘em forever, but feigning indifference will only amplify their actions,

Slowly but surely that stone face will break down, as you’re about to find out, it sure does get lonely when that support system dries out,

Away from the classroom and playground politics, still no place like home, always did serve as a sanctuary, but would come to learn gradually that safe spaces aren’t immune to hostility.T

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