In An Alternative Universe

For most of my life been a loner, no platoon with this soldier,
Took my lumps but I’m still standing, got this far let’s keep moving,
Felt freedom in solitude on good days, thinking ‘fuck the world’ during bad,
Perhaps the latter’s exaggerated, I don’t carry hate and malice like that,
Not without friends and family, very much love them dearly,
Just would rather business be privy to no one but me,
Yet life’s very axis turned upon your arrival, in ways unanticipated,
Irrevocably it seemed, the impact damn near broke The Richter.

Never really was one for companionship, never bought into the concept,
Came out the womb alone, will leave this world the same, decided that it’s destiny, certain that it was fate,
Neither scared nor aloof, it ain’t like that at all,
Life in the shadows is where I’m home, different strokes for different folks,
Wasn’t one to catch feelings, hasn’t happened often,
They say it’s hubris and I hate to make excuses, this game ain’t for the faint-hearted,
People showing true colours too late, it’s quite exhausting weeding out snakes,
Folks would sooner destroy than uplift one another, who wants to be around such behaviour?
As Trent and Johnny sang, everyone goes away in the end,
It’s a big bad world out there, more often than not we crash and burn in the end.

Crossed paths one day, looks like we caught the same wave,
Going our own ways in life, our paths done intertwined in time,
Somehow got to talking, somehow formed a connection,
Awkward in the beginning but thank God we pushed through it,
Your boy made like Prince Akeem after the first kiss, like him gave no shits that the neighbours were pissed,
Many chapters later asked the magic question while on bended knee, then came the ceremony, time crawled and zoomed simultaneously,
How on earth did we get here? All of this seems a dream,
But that’s life, I guess, no such thing as guarantees.

I’d need additional digits to count the ways you leave me awed and amazed,
Could wax lyrical day and night, page after page,
The world’s a brighter place thanks to your very presence in it,
You’re supportive yet assertive, keeping it real and unfiltered,
Not afraid to speak up when I mess up, unoffended when roles are inverted,
Disagreements are inevitable, life will throw challenges, but we’ll get through ‘em all together,
You’re my safe space when times get tough, I’m glad to be the same for ya,
Can’t imagine a life now where I’d never ever met ya,
Previously hard-pressed to trust one another, viewed the world as grey and monochrome,
Your love and warmth done thawed the ice within this individual, jaded and cold,
Every day an opportunity for further self-improvement, to be the type that you deserve,
Love and respect can’t be bought or cajoled, they can only be earned,
Likewise it’s a treat to watch you grow and evolve, to help you achieve your goals,
I’ll keep it one hundred with you, pick you up when you fall, both sides
putting in work,
I savour your warm hugs, hope you love kisses to your forehead and crown,
You’re my ride or die for life through all the ups and the downs.

But this is just pure fantasy, we ain’t even met yet,
Chances are fifty-fifty, a sure bet’s non-existent,
An encounter might occur sooner or later, perhaps it already has,
But neither party had a clue, life don’t offer cues,
The song won’t last forever, gotta step up and join the dance,
Even if you go alone, leave it on the floor until you’re called home,
Would be glorious if these musings become reality, but no such thing as absolute certainty,
But if not then no point getting mad, maybe it was the master plan.

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