Still Yours

Parenting, it’s a role fraught with challenges,

Endeavouring to raise the kids proper, being provider, teacher and entertainer while swerving judgment from others,

Might seem overwhelming in the beginning, rookies’ heads be spinning,

But as the lil’ ones grow and blossom you’ll realize such a role was rewarding,

Ain’t no official guide, no so-called right way, everyone got their own ways,

Different paths taken to the same endgame where their respective offspring turn out ok,

Having expectations ain’t new, surely every parent’s got ‘em,

How they take it when the young’uns grow up different, here’s where the plot thickens.

You’re familiar with the pattern, seen it all before,

Kid’s born, mom and dad dictating which way they should go,

For the most part ain’t nothing set in stone, just mere high hopes,

As long as the kid grows up honourable and can get by on their own,

Could start as expectations for their academic performance,

Then beyond the school gates, into the path of life, maybe even who they’ll call husband or wife,

Nurture that which lights their fire, encourage ‘em to mingle, don’t keep ‘em sheltered,

No harm exploring the mysterious beyond, as long as they exercise caution,

Expose ‘em to new things and experiences, they’ll surely thank you for it,

Teach ‘em right from wrong but also let ‘em grow up well-rounded,

Sooner or later they’ll find their purpose and life’s work,

Might take away from what you’d planned out for ‘em, on some level your concern is warranted,

Hate to break it to some of y’all, but while you’re free to guide ‘em in their youth,

You may face resistance from ‘em once they cross over to young adulthood,

Ain’t right to rob ‘em of their passion, rip the carpet from under ‘em,

Can’t meddle, either, in matters of their ride or die and co-pilot,

Life will dish out challenges, might find your kids among the sources,

But breaking rules and pushing envelopes aren’t always acts of insolence,

Rather than dismiss ‘em why not try to understand ‘em?

As long as they’re adding to the betterment of the planet surely they’re entitled to it.

The long and short of it is this, pay attention and drink it in,

The actions of others are beyond your control, as are the little ones’ dreams,

Dare to throw a spanner in the works watch how quickly they’ll hate and despise,

Beware the individual suppressed, it’s a different type of anger and spite,

Accept that outside forces will mould ‘em, too, you can’t protect them forever,

They’ll tread their own path, beyond your set perimeters, it doesn’t mean they’re disrespecting,

If they ain’t providing fodder for the evening news, wretched and acting the fool,

Let their true selves thrive in full bloom, pursue what they were born to do,

Have faith in ‘em to do right, to leave the roost and fly high,

Let ‘em take the hits necessary to achieve their own victories, no need to keep that chopper hovering constantly,

If you’d done your job proper then you should trust that they got this in the bag,

That they’ll take on the world and triumph, proudly represent Mom and Dad,

Blood is thicker than water, ain’t nothing changing if you played your cards right,

They’ll still count on you if ever they stumble or need good old-fashioned advice,

They’re still yours, now and forever, always,

Let ‘em find their way, wherever it is, have their back anyway.

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