Problem with complimenting

Here we go, two strangers at the bus stop,

Ten minutes ‘til that 750, might as well chop it up,

One of the two sporting a beautiful gold chain,

Pendulous around her neck, contrastin’ her dark top and flowing mane,

The other be admirin’, ‘your necklace is nice,’ says she,

‘Thank you,’ smiles the gold-bearer, blushing ever slightly,

Then she goes another direction, ‘it’s nothing special, really,’

‘But it looks nice on you,’ the retort was delivered nicely yet forcefully,

Back and forth they go, almost like a tug-of-war,

Like a two-sided brawl, trading shots like Gatti and Ward,

Finally she gets it, the one with the gold,

Here comes the 750, they take different seats once they’re aboard.

This is just a glimpse of what goes on lately,

Seems there’s nefarious activity among people and society,

Ain’t talkin’ ‘bout covid, that’s already been established,

Speak to another glowingly and you’ll notice something is amiss,

Ever heaped praise upon someone for some good deed that they’d done?

For any goals accomplished, even for dressing stylish?

For something nice they owned that you low-key wished was yours,

Even for being a light in a cold and cruel world?

They’ll happily catch the bouquet at first, perhaps even blush a little,

Then watch how quickly they drop it, like they’re shamed and embarrassed by it,

You can hand it back to ‘em, reassure ‘em it ain’t fake,

Some may take it back while others won’t, before y’all know it it’s a stalemate.

Makes you wonder when this trend started,

Negatives readily accepted, positives dumped as though poisonous,

Initial thoughts suggestin’ that what glitters ain’t genuine,

Hidden agendas and snakes in disguise conspire to trigger suspicious minds,

Could also be a state of mind and a means of avoiding pain,

Multiplied many times over when spawned by losses following such massive gains,

Like there’s trepidation in enjoying the good ‘lest it be snatched unexpectedly,

Why subject one’s self to that sort of torture willingly?

But there’s a hard truth that needs to be said, get it into your head,

Everything is temporary, the good, bad and very ugly,

Time is limited, who and what you have, none of it will last,

Enjoy the good things in life, don’t be embarrassed to do so,

They that shame you are likely victimised by pettiness rooted in fragile egos,

As long as it’s real, no harm in accepting compliments,

Life’s too short to live in fear of losses, the end will come for all of us,

Be proud of your achievements in a way that ain’t bragging,

Nothing wrong with rewarding one’s self, could be good for personal motivation,

Go and get what you want, be kind to others, take chances ‘til the wheels fall off,

Savour the good and get through the bad ‘til the sand runs out that hourglass.

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