Home Stretch

The year 2020 down to its final two months,

Less than 100 days now, time flies even while under lockdown,

Some days feelin’ like Sideshow Bob walking into multiple rakes,

But for the most part engaging the creative brain so can’t really complain,

That beast still low-key lurkin’, gonna hang for the forseeable future,

Gotta do our thing anyway, come hell or high water,

Bottlebrushes have come and gone, Jacarandas bloomin’ in their place,

Attracting folks and their camera phones, gotta take snaps of that purple haze,

Magpies in full troll mode swoopin’, better take off when you hear ‘em clicking,

Hell hath no fury like a protective parent, even in the animal kingdom,

Distancing is key in public spaces, as of now crowds be dangerous,

The dregs of society still putting in that work, displaying the worst of human behavior,

Social unrest and natural disasters still persisting, adding to the list of catastrophes,

The story of 2020, quite frankly, this annus horribilis from the twenty-first century,

Some semblance of freedom restored for many but can’t give in to complacency,

There’s hell to pay should an ignorant few take so-called liberties lightly,

Ain’t no endgame in sight, don’t be swayed by false headlines,

Heartbreak hurts most when expectations are continually denied,

Christmas is right ‘round the corner, how it goes we’ll soon discover,

Prayin’ for better days and soldiering on, can’t cry forever about shit that ya can’t control.

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