Dear Joe

Dear Joe, I’m at wits end tryin’a come to terms with this shit,
Feeling empty inside, like I’d lost faith in humanity, sorry if it sounds so drastic,
Thought I’d found a real one, it was true romance in the beginning,
After years of playin’ and unions that done imploded, thought I’d found one with whom I could commit with,
But just like that it ended, can’t speak for her but I tried to put in work,
It’s fucked up when things don’t go your way despite your best efforts,
Can only hold on for so long, in the end I had to let her go,
She was my world, my everything, in her it’s like I’d finally found a home,
Came up rough and took my knocks, my chance at a good life dashed with barely a parting shot,
Thought we’d built up something solid, turned out to be a mere house of cards,
Didn’t need no Big Bad Wolf, life huffed and puffed and blew it into shards,
And now I’m stuck in limbo, caught up between wanting to move on and hold onto the past,
Conventional wisdom dictates go for the former but the heart can’t forget ‘bout what we once had,
That’s about the size of it, thought I should let somebody know,
Ball’s in your court now, what say you, Joe?

Dear Brother, you ain’t provided a name so I’ma call you brother,
Quite a load that you done been carryin’, sorry to hear ‘bout this union imploding,
Break-ups are a drag, they won’t always end with zero fuss,
One half might up and leave ‘cuz they feel that they’re with the wrong one,
Ya did the right thing, Homie, it takes two to make it work,
Wasn’t meant to be, gotta set her free, even if it fuckin’ hurts,
But while I sympathize I also gotta drop some hard truths,
I’ma spell it out for ya, brotha, where you done set yourself up to get screwed,
No doubt your love was real but you committed a fatal error when you fooled yourself into believing that home and happiness can be found in another person,
That’s why the fall-out cuts deep and now you’re suffering, you dropped the ball and went all-in with your feelings,
You put your eggs in the one basket rather than cast the net wide for your investments,
Truth is it’s an inside job, only you have the power to make you happy,
You’ll finally be ‘home’ when you accept it, sorry to sound all sappy,
No doubt a significant other can color your life into something rosy,
But the sad truth still applies, everything is temporary,
That includes people, don’t overlook the free will to which they’re entitled,
They may ride or die with ya but there exists the possibility that they may also quit on ya,
That’s the game of love, Bruh, it ain’t always warm and fuzzy,
Gotta stay ready, always, in case ya get hit with somethin’ grimy,
You see how easily friends can grow apart, even lifelong ones can go different directions,
Sadly couples can transition from lovers to strangers or maybe even rivals,
Tomorrow ain’t promised, Bruh, neither are happily ever afters,
No point trying to find clarity and certainty within what may be temporary,
Understand that home and happiness comes from within, can’t find it in status, places, people and possessions,
Invest in the one constant you have control over, the one staring back at you through the mirror,
How will you share love with another when you can’t even show yourself some?
Self-care ain’t no narcissistic endeavor, Brother, in life the successful continue to level-up,
Focus on self-improvement, explore the options around you, fuck what others are doing,
Opportunities in life and love’ll come knockin’ once you start growin’ and movin’ mountains,
Loving another shouldn’t come at the expense of yourself, stand your ground when you have to,
Don’t let ‘em get one over you, don’t let ‘em treat you low and walk all over you,
For now cut your losses and move on, there’s plenty of fish in the sea,
Wish ya nothing but the best, King, hoping that you’ll soon find your true Queen.

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