You Played Yourself Part 4: Rebranding Fail

This is it, 2020, welcome to the latest chapter of modernity,

Gotta get with the times, certain terms can no longer fly, don’t wanna alienate nobody,

Y’all were deemed guilty by the court of public opinion, your solid foundations suddenly shaken,

Better get to work on re-brandin’ ‘lest you find yourselves in untimely cessation,

Must’ve spent months on end brainstormin’, this brand done reached expiration,

Came up with a winner, eventually, sounds similar to the original,

Announced it triumphantly, Redskin Lollies are history,

Now reborn as Red Rippers, new name but the product remains the same,

‘Twas a good move for a while, before an epic faux-pas was noticed,

One that went above and beyond throwin’ shade at Native Americans,

Way to neglect your research, turns out Red Ripper’s taken,

Belonged to the late Andrei Chikatilo, AKA: Red Ripper, AKA: Russia’s worst serial killer,

An epic fail worthy of a comedy show, could’ve come from the writers of Friends and Seinfeld,

Now you got candy named after a psycho, don’t matter that he’s long dead,

Negligence upset the apple cart, better get workin’ ‘cuz a new shitstorm’s bound to start,

Good luck with damage control, that’s the way the story goes, y’all played yourselves.

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