Secrets They Keep

At a glance they seemed so happy, cool calm and collected,

The life of the party, open and friendly, arms spread for everybody,

Life seemed perfect if the social media feed’s to be believed,

Came as a surprise when it transpired, that they’d acted as their own judge, jury and executioner,

Unbecoming of one so vibrant and energetic, but to really know ‘em paints a different story,

Folks like ‘em ain’t checked on the regular for they don’t fit a certain identity,

When in reality it’s they who smile the most that suffer immeasurably, compelled to keep the lights on for everybody as they know about the darkness intimately.

On the surface they had it all, money, house, friends and a loving family,

Admired and envied by many, the embodiment of contentment and stability,

Makes you wonder about others like ‘em that have all the advantages,

What chips away at ‘em ‘til they become another statistic,

Easy to pass judgement when you’re outside looking in,

But you gotta look beyond appearances to find what’s actually behind the shutters,

‘Everyone’s fighting battles that you know nothing about’, one of life’s realest clichés,

At an age of needless comparison, personal achievements ain’t all that one is flexing,

Some scars visible compared to others while the clear-skinned cop haughty derision,

Disqualified from expressing any form of suffering since they’re supposedly privileged,

Smiles and joviality might conceal voices tormenting on the daily, at worst gaslighting and convincing ‘em they’re better off charred then scattered or festering six-feet under,

Might be concealing traumatic experiences, destructive choices made under shady influences,

Everyone makes mistakes and demons don’t discriminate, not a single soul is safe,

Can never tell when they will strike, better protect yourself at all times.

The judgment quadrupled for those with dependants,

Spouses and little ones rooting for ‘em, should’ve been their motivation to scale countless mountains,

Yet it’s a tale as old as time, partner and kids losing one guardian or lover,

What could have possessed ‘em to take permanent solutions for temporary problems?

Easy to accuse ‘em of selfishness for leaving their loved ones stranded in the wilderness,

Surely those priceless treasures should’ve stopped ‘em from ending it,

Not to make excuses for ‘em but unless you’ve dragged the same baggage they’re carrying you have no right to be pointing fingers,

Bet you don’t know the conflicts and dramas threatening the family unit,

That they end their days disunited and on the verge of implosion,

On top of internal chains that strangle and choke, can only take so much of life’s blows,

Craving for peace and rest that they could never find, by their own hand they’re out of sight but not of mind,

Might have felt it’s for the better, that their very presence was a needless burden,

Deadweight for those that don’t deserve to bear their cross, sweet relief and victory for all but it comes at a hefty cost,

Cold comfort for those left behind, nobody likes to feel incomplete,

Inner demons finally extinguished, permanently, but those left behind are picking up the pieces.

Battles differ across individuals, though there might be shared symptoms among others,

Some have jumped ship over lesser storms while others persevere to buck the odds,

‘They should just open up about it,’ says you, ‘suck it up,’ snarl the others,

Given the type of world we’re in it’s no wonder they’re reluctant to draw the curtains,

A world crawling with snakes and fakes, many keeping the fangs retracted ‘til it’s too late,

Many treat relationships as disposable, are loyalty, respect and compassion no longer considered noble?

Who the fuck do you trust in that type of environment? Where misunderstanding and judging seem all too common,

No wonder many suppress and keep their secrets, lest it be used maliciously against them,

Let ‘em in your dreams you’re likely to hear muffled laughter, see rolling eyes,

Prefer to keep ‘em private, watch them say outright you ain’t doing shit with your life,

Folks be quick to think the worse, only become believers when you’ve won, then act like they were with you in the trenches, no end to their shamelessness,

Not that their opinions ever mattered, in the end it’s you against you,

Hustle at your own pace, make moves that suit you, climb ‘til you reach the mountain peak, that’s all you have to do.

Why attack, ostracize and haze over useless petty shit? Why not be kinder and understand? It won’t cost a damn thing,

Not all will be your mirror image, not all will look, act, talk and live like ya, are you so threatened that you feel the perpetual need to erase ‘em?

Go your own way, run with those that matter, fuck anyone that don’t vibe with ya, why place ‘em above ya?

Heed the words of Mr. Lee, underneath the sky, under the heavens, there is but one family,

About time we acted like it, make this world brighter, lift up one another,

To understand rather than label one another, to let go of grudges at the end of every sunset,

Time is limited, better spend it wisely, what good comes out of hate and needless conflict? Just broken spirits and squandered potential,

Before you judge, label and condemn, why not sit down with ‘em?

Provide a safe space for ‘em to shelter from oncoming shells,

You just might empower ‘em to soldier on, abandon plans to end it all,

What an entry that’ll be for your legacy, proof that goodness still exists in society,

Enough monsters about, seen and unseen, time to buck that trend,

Be a light for those in the darkness, throw a rope to those who are drowning, you just might gain a true friend, it’ll be worth it in the end.

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