How To Win

This is it, the moment of truth, the defining moment of your life,

Circling dates off the calendar, the countdown was on, now it’s finally arrived,

Plenty of hard graft to get here, days, months, maybe even years,

Can only end in one of two ways, arms aloft in triumph or disbelieving tears,

Sadly for you it was the latter, foot on the gas but came up short,

Questions swirling ‘bout your performance, but you’re left with no definitive retort,

Yes, it sucks to miss the prize, but you ain’t no loser in our eyes,

You gave it your all, from the beginning to the end, your grit deserves to be acknowledged,

So long as you leave no stone unturned, in preparation then the main event,

Don’t brand yourself a failure if you falter, to think of yourself inept,

That’s the true art of winning, performing at your best under any circumstances,

Don’t get caught up in the outcome and the others, truthfully your competition was the one in the mirror.

You either lose or you learn, be the latter, let the setback spark the comeback,

Tomorrow’s a new day, time to start afresh, let nothing get in your way.

Here’s you: putting it all on the line to achieve the dream, to outsiders the endgame remains unseen,

Naysayers here, there and everywhere, but you carry on defying every disbelieving stare,

They may feel justified whenever you take an L, you yourself might feel like you’d plunged headlong into hell,

That’s the thing with dreams, to make ‘em happen you gotta take the hits,

Obstacles are inevitable, no matter the road taken, so what’re you gonna do ‘bout it?

Will you fold in full view of your critics? Betray the hopes of those rooting for ya?

Will it be over before it’s started? Will you abandon ship when the cyclone comes for ya?

Hell no, didn’t think so, the passion’s too strong in you,

Gonna hit a homer, whatever it takes, haters and critics overruled,

Think of the fallout if you melt in the face of adversity,

Say ‘to hell with it’, fold like a cheap umbrella, that option’s too easy,

Temporary solution to a lifelong problem, what-ifs will plague you for the rest of your years,

Doubters proved right, their scorn forever buzzing in your ears,

Eye on the prize but enjoy the process, the climb is what matters,

The way is treacherous but the view at the top will be marvellous,

Take in all that splendour, you’ve more than earned it, those that back themselves are surely rewarded,

Sail through every storm, leap over every hurdle, rinse and repeat until that objective’s completed,

Stay focused, one step at a time, don’t sweat what you can’t control,

Sceptics be damned, pay ‘em no mind, the journey is yours alone,

If ever that resolve chips slightly, think of this and march on resolutely,

Wishing you all the best, may the dream one day become reality.

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