Once Is Forever

There you go again, mad flexin’ in front of an audience,

Like a Roman gladiator victorious, arms spread basking in adulation,

The crowd exists only in the mind’s eye, as does the mighty Colosseum,

It’s in the pages of history, your sporting achievements,

The cheers have long ceased, Friend, it’s been more than a decade,

You’re still at the port preenin’ long after the ships have sailed,

What you’d done is fact, not fiction, always there to look back on,

But you’d let it consume you, overrun your mind, indulging in the spoils long after it had expired.

Still playing the part of celebrity like it was the 90s, blew through most of your money, you’re a king no more, just a retiree dining on faded glories,

Blinding ya to opportunities among oncoming traffic, the tale’s been told over and over, sit down and knuckle down, gotta write a new chapter,

You’re a star athlete no more, make peace with the past,

Find new mountains to climb, for all things must pass.

No doubt victories are overpowering, awakening the senses and keepin’ the party going,

Can try and try to up the high to the next level, thinking it can only get better,

Yearning for the past got ya holding like a baby koala clinging to its mother,

Newsflash, Pal, kings come and go and your reign is long over,

Time for a new beginning in greener pastures, a change of roles, ignore the fresh fears of failure,

Never know if you don’t go, if you don’t go you won’t grow, why not give it a try?

Regret’s the real motherfucker, especially at the end of one’s life,

Let go of what you once were and what you done experienced, no one can take it away,

Save it in the memory bank, look back on it fondly, but not all day every day,

Once is enough, once is forever, life moves inexorably forward,

Quit living backwards, personal growth’s never-ending, add to your life’s work, that’s the art of living.

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