To persist or give up, the question’s raised during life’s many crossroads,

Each option got different outcomes, can’t always predict what follows,

May involve total commitment, no second chances once the path’s taken,

Could mean the difference between abject failure and achieving greatness,

Often hear about it when devising life plans or among troopers in perilous missions,

With it comes the extra burden of rapid-fire decisions,

In the game of love such a conundrum can arise, at times the brutal truth’s eschewed for comforting lies,

Such is the case when love’s declaration is rejected, one of two paths can be taken,

The spurned can take it on the chin and move on, or engage in actions that can tarnish reputations.

You summoned the courage and nerve, ‘fessed up to your special someone,

Ain’t no happy ending here, sadly they done turned you down,

Staring down a fork in the road, your rep depends on your decision,

Resist the bad advice, block out your delusions,

Choose the path of dignity, put in the work and level up on the daily,

Fuck the romance novels and movies, they’re works of fiction for a reason,

‘No’ means ‘no’, fuck that ‘I’ll try harder’ shit, there’s nothing you can do about it,

Realize that you’re not for everyone, what you have is irrelevant,

People got types and preferences, like it or not they’re entitled to it,

They ain’t into you, Pal, life decided you’re better off separated,

Suppose that wish was granted, you think it’ll be worth it?

Where you’re running yourself ragged but they freeze you out despite your best efforts?

Won’t be fun for both of y’all, such a life will drive you up the wall,

Sounds depressing, don’t it? Guaranteed you’ll end up damaged and heartbroken,

You’ll achieve nothing by begging and simping, except maybe a restraining order,

Likewise, you have no right to trash ‘em and turn ‘em into tabloid fodder,

Can’t accuse ‘em of abuse just ‘cuz they turned down your offer,

Don’t be spreading rumors ‘bout ‘em to dissuade other potential suitors,

Such actions expose your fragility, it comes at a great cost,

It ain’t sweet revenge, friend, just announcing how badly you’d lost.

Please keep your heads up, the ones stung by rejection,

Props to y’all for your courage, takes plenty to admit your hidden feelings,

It may hurt when love remains unrequited, it be like that sometimes,

Best to move on with confidence, look on the bright side of life,

You may not be for ‘em, but don’t waste your days stressin’,

Learn from your experiences and focus on self-improvement,

Cut your losses and let go, the best is yet to come,

There’s plenty of livin’ for you yet, to be spent hopefully with ‘The One.’

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