It was just a game of soccer, Friday sport among students,

Started out civil, descended into anarchy, school kids sure are devils,

Made doubly awkward by mixed genders, at an age where they can’t stand each other,

Boys inevitably come out swinging, the gentlemen within still non-existent,

Teacher playing multiple roles, coach, referee, scorekeeper and even firefighter,

At times putting out multiple fires, the heat of competition stoking young tempers,

Threats to halt the game fall on deaf ears, it’s like D-Day on Omaha here,

A tough kid named Davey’s among the ruffians, short and scrawny yet pugnacious,

Felt slighted when a girl nicked the ball from him, this was abject humiliation,

Saw red and shoved her, sent off immediately, red card wasn’t needed,

The game ends not long after, Lil’ Davey’s still in hot water,

Made to help pack up the equipment, that’s just half of his punishment,

Assaulting a fellow classmate and makin’ ‘em cry is tantamount violent crime,

He’ll be forced to pick up papers, sentenced to detention, the school equivalent to hard time,

Teacher demands that he write her an apology letter, here’s his chance for early parole,

Just had to say ‘sorry’ but immaturity butted in like an angry billy-goat,

Defiantly he picks up a pencil, scrawls his thoughts across that paper,

The message simple but the impact as potent as fireworks,

“I’ll get you for this,” it read, straight-to-the-point, no filter,

Just like that his fate was sealed, heard it loud and clear from the Teacher,

“Gather your things and go to the principal’s office, call your parents and have ‘em pick you up,”

“I won’t tolerate that from you, Kid, go home and think about what you’ve done,”

Davey complies, probably relieved to go home early on a Friday,

Done exposed himself as a fool and sore loser, but for him it’s probably ok.

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