No Easy Way Out: Thoughts During Lockdown

‘There’s no easy way out, there’s no shortcut home’,
Sung by Robert Teper, real talk with the situation going on,
Sitting here in lockdown, the fast train of life screeched to a halt,
That damn monster’s prowling, that fucking virus, only Lord knows when it’ll stop,
Government ordered a lockdown, it’s risky just to head downtown,
Nationwide curfew threw life to a loop and it ain’t ending any time soon,
Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t whining and complaining,
This born introvert’s sitting, chilling, recharging and thriving,
Times are uncertain, though, can’t deny the presence of nerves,
Squinting and straining to see the future, it’s hazy behind the mist of this virus.

Rewind to Last December, bad news touched down from all directions,
Decade ending on Armageddon, surely, seemed like the world was headed for oblivion,
Spilled into 2020, kicked off in a cacophony of disasters,
Bushfires, drought, floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,
Continuing unrest in Hong Kong, discord within the royals,

The death of a much-loved baller, innocent lives taken by a drunk driver, it’s one tragedy after another,
But they were merely appetizers before the main course,
A savage monster awoke, hit the air guns blazing, spread faster than bad gossip,
Plundered, pillaged, murdered and conquered like a demonic Alexander,
Brought about a new world order, killed more than Adolf, Josef, Idi and Saddam put together.

Watching and listening to this shit on TV and radio, Gotta stay informed but can’t be passive with these media reports.
Facts and sensationalism can intertwine, conspiracy theorists also fighting for air time,
Time travelled back to the years of plagues and wars, it’s a disaster flick in here and we’re all unwilling actors,
Made doubly persuasive by my vulnerability as the doctor be claimin’,
Embracing my inner hermit, on most days I’m keeping it together,
Strong on the surface, not all the way through, immortal words from Chester that rang true,
Nerves, disbelief and anger, throw in some cabin fever, I’m only human sometimes I’m feeling ‘em,
Dumbbells and punching bag be my best therapists under moments of extreme turbulence,
Fresh air, sunlight, music and books as back up when the mind continues stressin’.

Reflecting while meditating to keep the grip of negativity loosened,
Reviewing the situation like Fagin, thinking ‘bout the people affected,
The death toll surpassing millions, condolences to those hit by losses,
Can’t give the departed their proper send-off, such is the cruelty of that fucking monster,
Jobs lost, schools closed, daily life halted, travel plans and celebrations cancelled, all that planning and anticipation came to nothing,
People stuck indoors, that monster poisoned the outdoors, cops gon’ get you for wandering too far,
Feels like Big Bro’s watching, Orwell was 36 off the mark,
Social and economic status don’t mean shit, kings, queens, paupers and commoners are feeling it,
Feelings of superiority are a fool’s errand, the entire population’s a sitting target.

Tough times exposing true colors, the good and the bad,
Masks and facades slippin’ as that monster continued its destructive path,
Stupid selfish morons clearing supermarket shelves like feds on a drug bust,
Left nothing for the disadvantaged as common sense and dignity bit the dust,
Racists and xenophobes emerged from their holes, Asians seen as the enemy,
“Don’t matter where they’re from, they a part of that monster’s army,”
Words of the bigots jacked up on fear and ignorance,
On the same boat as the ones flouting orders ‘cuz they’re too good for isolation,
Body count’s rising, health care pushed to the limit, front liners are exhausted but these fools stay blinded and self-centred,
Degenerates attacking nurses, cops and customer servers, what low life wastes of oxygen,
Don’t wish death on no one but no tears shed if that monster fades ‘em, they will surely deserve it,
Newsflash, fools, we’re all caught in this mess,
Y’all are part of the problem and not the solution, hatin’ and floutin’ will only hamper progress.

But not all are broken, there are heroes within the chaos,
Restoring faith in humanity, the whole race ain’t yet crushed by the obnoxious,
Led by the doctors and nurses and all others in the front line,
Risking it all to help others, it’s tough and it’s lonely but still keeping up the grind,
Scientists around the world working to bring that monster to justice,
Time’s ticking but they march on fuelled by a warrior’s stoicism and defiance,
Acts of kindness from citizens, they ain’t hard to find, from helping the weary and burdened to sparing a few dimes,
Others in lockdown unleashing their inner entertainers, delving deep into their creativity,
Slick and at times kinda cringy but always has the audience cheering vociferously,
Families come together for an extended period, it’s a full house situation,
Kids still need educating, reluctantly or willingly, parents forced into a crash course in teaching,
The lost and soul-searching can find their paths, gotta grab it with both hands,
All distractions cancelled, time to chase the dream, no more excuses,
Working from home as best we could, no need to get up early,
Changes are happening outside, this you have to see,
Nature’s finally healing, where it was once deteriorating,
Smog is lifted, the air is clear, the stars in the night sky are twinkling,
What a role reversal, humanity’s suffering while nature is thriving,
Rivers clearing up, translucent and crystal-like under that sun,
The rain’s finally pouring, fields finally sporting green, like a new season had just begun,
Can’t call that monster a blessing but there’s some good within the pandemic,
For every dark night the moon still shines, seek and you shall find.

2020 looks headed for the pits, can’t wait ‘til it’s over with,
Stronger minds see a gut check, life’s meaningless without overcoming adversity,
Can’t get hung up on shit I can’t control, when you’re stressin’ you’re weakening,
Strong mind and body, faith and positivity be my own Shield of Achilles,
Got hopes for the future once that monster’s finally eradicated,
Reunion with friends and fam are just the tip of the iceberg,
That shit don’t hit the fan once the powers start blame games and finger pointing,
Don’t want leaders going ballistic, it could take us back to forty-five, don’t want or need that kind of strife,
That personal hygiene will remain a priority, that Mother Nature will be respected,
That the scourges of society will be dealt with, put an end to their bullshit,
That freedom and precious time with loved ones will never again be taken for granted,
That we’ll be kinder and more understanding, everyone’s fighting their own battles,
That the affected can heal from tragedy and trauma before rising back up stronger,
That the heroes throughout will be rewarded for their efforts,
2020 looks like another annus horribilis, but from that fire emerges a new generation of warriors,
This is one for the history books, another story to tell the future generations,
Exhaling now, eyes open, all things come to pass including tough times,
We’ll get through this, that monster won’t last, even the fiercest tyrants fade away and die.

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