Battle Scars

Eyes looking up, eyes looking down, yours are the former, yours truly the latter,
Companions along the journey, one seen and done many, the other starting out, oblivious to what’s to come about,
That’s the way it is, Kiddo, both for you and me, better strap yourself in, the ride won’t always go smoothly,
You’ll laugh and you’ll cry, experience both ends of the spectrum,
Sunshine and rain, pleasure and pain, your outlook could change day after day.

Got a permanent smile on your dial, the world is your oyster with so much to offer,
So much to look forward to, time must move at a snail’s pace for you,
Picked up some bare necessities but on the lookout for what’s unexplored,
Slow and steady does it, you’re but a fresh young chook strutting about the paddock in the early morning,
In stark contrast this old boy’s inching closer to midday, many hours elapsed, still some way to endgame,
Once was where you were, all smiles and full of beans, counting tomorrows than yesterdays, living carefree,
Never stressing about the calendar, let alone the clock,
But as time passes, so do those halcyon days, welcome to the struggle, less time for games,
Gotta fend for yourself, gotta be smart and savvy, every decision can and will pay dividends but also lead to catastrophes,
Curiosity and willingness taking a back seat to caution and thoughtfulness, sometimes to the point of overthinking, no wonder grown folks stop dreaming,
Failure becomes a dirty word, a means to quit than to renew the search,
Been guilty of giving one too many cares to trends and others’ opinions, shook it off long ago, but the fact remains some valuable time went to waste,
Sun still shining bright for ya, lights slightly dimming for this warrior,
Let’s get back on course, to the present, there’s no need to scare ya.

How you find entertainment in any random moment, no matter how small and insignificant, plain and mundane,
That insatiable curiosity, that eagerness to have a go,
They may drive your parents up the wall, but don’t you ever let it go,
Sure, you gotta have boundaries, there are lessons to be learned,
Pushing one too many buttons can get yourself burned,
But don’t let the so-called powers stop you from thriving,
Stay gold and keep on growing, that’s the art of living,
Time is undefeated, but do stay curious and never jaded,
Slow that clock to a crawl, you’ll feel you can live forevermore,
And don’t let trials and tribulations render you cold and indifferent,
Many done took the bait and been trapped, all sense of wonder and appreciation sapped,
No one likes a downer, more of them head to the afterlife sooner,
Keep on the sunny side and see that glass as half-full, watch and you’ll see, you’ll be paid in full.

Back to the present, watching you swing that cabinet door,
Somehow thrilled by that cling-clang, back-and-forth,
Suddenly you turn, wondering towards this weary soul,
Still with a smile, a giggle to go with it, hands up, looking up, looking to hitch a ride.

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