You Played Yourself pt. 6: Only Fools

There you go, hunched over that computer,

Locked and loaded waiting to hear from her, the highlight of your hours,

Met her on IG, shit’s so 2020’s, pics and vids got you hot and bothered, snagged you hook, line and sinker,

Liked and commented on damn near all her posts, even slid into her DM’s,

Left you on read again and again but your needy self wasn’t having it,

Then it caught your eye, a link in her bio, signed up for it pronto,

It’ll cost money and your dignity, lust and obsession obliterating reason,

Likened yourself to her savior, the one helping to keep her in business,

Burning a hole in your pocket but gotta live up to your calling,

As long as she’s churning out content you remain her willing customer, to hell with the real world and real people, got you a girlfriend even if she’s virtual,

In your mind she’s yours alone despite other gawkers in the ranks,

Y’all vying for her attention but she’s only looking to make bank,

Mad flexing that simp game just to please, feeding her lines topped with extra cheese,

Got you thinking you’re hitting homers but you know not the tricks up her sleeve,

Here she’s responding to you but don’t get carried away,

She don’t want no date, just hawking incentives for your extra pay,

Give an individual power you’ll see their true character,

Stroke the wrong ego then the mask will slip away quickly,

She was sweetness personified but excessive praises flicked a switch,

The pettiness is out along with that toxic celebrity mentality,

No more Miss Nice Girl, get ready to have your world upturned,

Your lovesick platitudes countered with haughty derision, can’t underestimate the chilling power of words,

Treat her like a goddess she’ll treat you like a peasant, just another disposable source of income,

So she turns it up a notch to reward you for your pandering,

Demanding that you prove your devotion through tasks base and humiliating,

At her command you’re acting the fool and debasing yourself in public,

Her taunts cut deep, call it the fallout of your simping,

Gave her your balls on a silver platter for the sake of some phantom relationship,

Sooner or later it’ll hit you, you’ll never have her and you’ll never hit it,

Once you’re used up, cleaned-up and finessed, talk about hard medicine,

You ain’t no alpha or nobleman or king, just a sucker and object of pity,

She’s doing what she can to get by and survive, you chose to be her patsy,

She’s hustling hard like the masses by any means possible,

It’s worked for her with flying colors, for all her faults you can’t stay mad at her,

Don’t hate the player, Bro, you chose to fall victim to the game,

Save your tears once you crash, it’ll only add to the shame,

Lead with your mind next time, keep your dick and ego on the shelf,

Hate to say it, Homie, you’re going out sad, yes, YOU PLAYED YOURSELF.

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