Everything I wanted: Strange Bedfellows

Eddie lay in bed, all ten years of age, waiting to drift away,

Recounting the day that was and like all young’uns looking forward to Saturday,

Eyelids feeling heavy now, the sweet embrace of sleep ‘bout to settle in,

Another school day comin’ up tomorrow morning, the interruption was most unwelcome,

In walked Momma, little brother Mario in tow, tears running down his face like he’d just seen a ghost,

Traumatized ‘bout a story teacher read to class, no blood or gore but nevertheless shook him to the core,

‘Can your lil’ brother sleep here tonight?’ asked Ma, ‘something teacher read to ‘im seemed to give him severe trauma,”

There was room for two but Eddie wasn’t having it, all that space taken by the little squirt, he wasn’t goin’ for it,

Then he took one look at Mario’s tears and wobbly mouth before he reluctantly relented,

‘Climb aboard, Bro,’ he invited, ‘but don’t take up space, you kick me once I’ma smack you in the face’,

Lil’ Bro complied and immediately latched on, pulled Big Bro into a tight embrace, that little kid sure is strong,

“Not so tight,” protested Eddie, “I can’t breathe!”

“But I’m scared,” answered Mario, “they’ll kill me in my dreams!”

Too sleepy to wrestle off the kid, got too much pride to tap out,

Then much to his frustration, Kid Brother was the first to go lights out,

How’s he off in Dreamland while his grip remains tight?

Eddie squirmed and shook but couldn’t shake him, try as he might,

Tempted to smack that lil’ fool but fearful of the repercussions, he’ll hear it loud and clear from the parents, little siblings are masters at dobbin’ and snitchin’,

Arms are feeling numb, that kid’s cuttin’ off circulation, gotta do something now ‘fore he runs out of oxygen,

He wriggled like a gator crushed by an anaconda, careful not to knock Mario and wake him,

Limited arm movement meant that legs did most of the heavy lifting,

Miraculously the snake loosened its grip, remained in a deep sleep,

Blood rushed back into Eddie’s limbs before leaving a feeling of needles and pins,

From there he finally drifted off, melatonin finally kicked in,

Another day ended, not quite as expected, gotta get up early to do it all again.

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