Leave out all the rest: Good luck, bro

People are temporary, not all but for some the sentiment rings true,
immediately comes to mind whenever I remember you,
a fragile soul you were, somewhat volatile but full of spirit and pep,
it was almost Christmas time the day we first met,
by your own account yours was a life colorful and tough,
born out of misfortunes, some of your own making, but I ain’t here to judge,
can’t say we were best buds but got along well enough for you to open up ranting and raving whenever the days seemed rough.

And so it went for the next year, chopped it up whenever we could,
talking about life, the bad and the good,
it was hard to keep up once you got going,
you talked a million miles per hour I sometimes couldn’t get a word in,
but still I listened, I guess you needed someone to lean on,
I should know, even loners need a friend to count on,
I was privy to every battle you took part in, internally and externally,
offered advice as best I could, unsure if I was even helping,
you hid your pain well when we spoke face to face,
but with phones between us the conversations went to a darker place,
I won’t go into details but shit hit the fan at times,
took some doing to keep you sane, to keep you in line,
promised that it would be glorious on the other side of the storm,
that pain doesn’t last and soon you’ll get what’s yours.

And soon enough it passed but I won’t take credit for it,
you won the war and now can enjoy the spoils that come with it,
I was happy for you, bro, you well and truly earned it,
but little did I know that something was bubbling beneath the surface,
lost touch a few months later, conversations became sporadic,
perhaps you’d moved on, hopefully to a life that was awesome and fantastic,
then you came screaming back, a text message appeared just like that,
the party must’ve ended after a while for the text spewed forth vitriol and bile,
apparently I’m a phoney and a snake that was stringing you along,
gaslighted and stabbed you in the back and that we’re foes from now on,
shit had me wondering what you’d been smoking,
I guess it’s the end of our friendship, fine by me, so be it
I ain’t mad if that’s what you think of me and the time I’d put in,
you want to be a coward and victim? Go ahead and live with that shit.
but you crossed the line when you did the same to some people we knew,
they are some of my best friends, bud, that was a revolting move,
it’s sad and pathetic, the levels that you would stoop, exposing yourself as a weak, bitch-made fool,
I thought of putting hands on you for that, I ain’t gonna lie,
but doing so would be an unnecessary waste of my time,
good luck in life, bro, you are going to need it,
you’ve burned these bridges for good, there’s no turning back from it.

But still I wish you well, wherever you are,
I hope you’d found peace and happiness, whether you’re near or far,
be strong and hold on, keep yourself in check,
make each day count, don’t do anything stupid that you’ll regret.

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